Welcome to the ‘New Shores’ Edition of splicedtogether

In this issue we focus on different perspectives on New Shores. Our contributors have delved deep to bring you a series of stories designed to inspire, intrigue and stimulate.

Comprising of 31 curatorial stories related to the New Shores theme, this issue seeks to look inside and find out what it is that evokes new beginnings for people. If you have a passion for content curation, or are looking for some inspiration, a new direction or a different perspective, keep reading, you’re in the right place.

In this issue, we look through the lenses of People, Places and Headspaces to open a series of windows for our readers. Each lens provides insights into the authors New Shores experiences, choices or aspirations.

Take a look through the People window to find stories about what inspired new beginnings in Spirit, Body and Food. We have handpicked some great feature articles to get you started. Leap in to our very own Fitness Digest, read about Surviving a New Baby and sink your teeth into some Slow Fish.

Through the Places window you can read about Living Overseas, our Environment and Visiting Overseas. Find out what it takes to move to Japan in Shores of the Rising Sun, and dive into the murky issues in Reef not Profit.

If it’s a new Headspace you are seeking look no further. This window features articles about new beginnings in Learning and Culture. Find out about learning to read Chinese characters in Characterising Chinese, and be inspired by Abstract Building Visuals from Around the World.

Windows to New Shores:



Spirit | Body | Food Living Overseas | Visiting Overseas | Environment Learning | Culture

Our Contributors

splicedtogether is an online production providing periodical perspectives on Internet related culture. The Department of Internet Studies of Curtin University publish this production. The contributors are students from Web309 Web Presence. Curtin University is located in Perth Australia.

Looking for inspiration? Dive right into a feature article:

Gender Equality
A Gender Equal World

Curation Creations
Curation Creations

clean eating
Clean Eating
A Gender Equal World We live in a world where gender inequality still exists, but wouldn’t it be encouraging, uplifting and definitely provocative to see our world as it should be? Image by Unesco.org select to view source Curation Creations If you’re an online collector, have a passion for a particular topic, or create your own content online, maybe its time to take the next step… Image by Christina Grant Clean Eating In every way, clean eating is all about consuming whole food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible… Image by Angela Cuff select  to view source


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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