in Spirit

Leaving home

IRENE POLLAK – Here are some insights, resources towards the preparation, for both parents and young adults to get ready for the big world, independently.   This is by no means a fail safe process but if all the boxes of what they will eventually be responsible for are included in our day to day parenting, hopefully they will be prepared to make the right decisions when they are faced with barrage of choices life throws at them.

Growing up is challenging, exciting and liberating; for both parents and children. Read on

A Gender Equal World

ANDREA HALL – We live in a world where gender inequality still exists, but wouldn’t it be encouraging, uplifting and definitely provocative to see our world as it should be?

A gender equal world is a world where people are equal, regardless of their biological sex, profession, race, religion or sexual orientation. Free from rigid traditional roles, stereotypes and social expectations.  People are treated fairly, equitably and with respect.  A gender equal world  can be a dream we all take part in, free from stigma, discrimination and inequality. Read on…


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